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Iced-Up ISP

Freezing rain sweeps through NB’s corner of Canada.  Three guesses as to which piece of infrastructure imploded as a result, and the first two don’t count.

Normal blog service resumes tomorrow!



It’s about time there was some more history on this history blog.  The hits counter assures me I’ve got at least a few regular readers, so:  What would you like to see next?  I’ll set up and research anything that’s feasible. My strength lies primarily in the Roman and medieval eras, but that really just means I can produce that stuff faster because I’ve internalized much of the context; the research skills are applicable to all history!  All I ask is that you be specific;  “Rome” is too broad a topic, but “Rome’s conquest of Greece” or “The Roman Army” is more manageable and I know where to go with it.

You can leave suggestions in the comments, or if you don’t have a WordPress account, my twitter.

Dead Templars Remix

Like Underappreciated Empire, Death of the Templars is a topic I’m likely to revisit in the future.  There’s a lot of salacious detail surrounding their fall, particularly the way the trials were structured and allegations brought forth, that didn’t make it into the final cut of the series but still very much deserves to be told – and is enormously entertaining to read.  Well, I thought, but then I think ancient Byzantine diplomacy is entertaining, so …

At any rate.  I’ve studied the Templars’ downfall before, of course, so I’m going to have a dig around and see if I can’t find my notes about the stuff I didn’t cover this time.  It’s sure to be worth a post or two, sometime in the future.