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History is everywhere, and affects us every day.  Decisions made thousands of years ago by people that neither you or perhaps even your ancestors ever met have reverberated through time to impact our decisions today.  The world was shaped by those that came before us, and we live in their shadow, just as those that come after us will live in ours.

History, in short, is fascinating, whether you study what happened, why it happened, how it happened, or who it happened to.  And that’s just history itself; there are whole fields of study devoted to examining how history is viewed, claimed, manipulated and exploited by the descendants of those who made it.  There are a million million stories to be found in humanity’s rise from the caves to the stars, all of them worth hearing.

I have a few I want to tell.

Welcome to Northern Beholder.  This is where a Canadian historian discusses history, makes leaps of logic and common sense, and enthuses about gaming, both tabletop and digital.  I can’t promise the latter subjects won’t suddenly become about history as well.  It’s my passion, after all.

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