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Month: August, 2014

Single-Player Showdown: Company of Heroes 1, Mission 1

As with most games, the first few single-player missions in Company of Heroes serve to introduce the player to basic mechanics and familiarize them with their use, establishing a firm foundation for expansion into more advanced mechanics and tactics in later levels.  A specialized, condensed tutorial mission also exists outside the campaign to introduce the multiplayer-focused to the gameplay, but as Relic took the time and effort to build basic learning into the early single-player missions, this commentary will proceed as though the player has not experienced the tutorial.

So! Let’s storm the beaches of Normandy.

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Why Company of Heroes’ single-player campaign works, and the sequel’s doesn’t.

The same studio, making the same sort of game, using broadly the same mechanics, produced two very different campaign experiences, with the well-constructed if slightly cliché experience from the first game giving way to a muddy, disorganized and narratively criticized experience in the second.  What went wrong?

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