The Greatest Game Mod Ever Made

by northernbeholder

There are, in my mind, two truly landmark first-person shooters.  The first is DOOM, the granddaddy of the genre, the original hyper-fast and hyper-violent demon-slaying simulator that took the world by storm in the early ’90s, setting the tone for years to come.  The second is Half-Life 2, which set the bar for the new generation of more linear, narrative-driven through spectacular environmental storytelling and expertly crafted level design that gave the illusion of player agency while keeping you funneled along what was in truth the only available path, without ever seeming overly forced or contrived (something that’s apparently really hard to do for some developers).

The Greatest Game Mod Ever Made, then, is gmDOOM. The mod, created by one Ghor, adds DOOM resources, including weapons, sound effects and UI, into the Half-Life 2 game engine, via the medium of Garry’s Mod.  The DOOM and Half-Life 2 game elements are fully interactive with each other, as demonstrated by this awesome video, which means this mod lets Gordon Freeman and the Doom Guy fight side-by side.  It also handily demonstrates just how lightning-fast DOOM movement is compared to the relative plodding of more modern games (and Gordon is a world-class sprinter compared to the lumbering pace you get in the morass of military manshoots).

Okay, that’s getting into a tangent. Complaining about the state of the modern FPS is another article.  The point is, gmDOOM is a wonderful callback to the halcyon days and meshes together two of the finest shooters ever made into a wonderful new playground, and I’m superbly pleased it exists.