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Month: February, 2013

Hot Topic: Hotbars

A friend of mine recently got back into World of Warcraft, and has pulled me along for the (free, thankfully) ride.  I don’t particularly love WoW, but it’s fun enough as an activity with a friend – which is, I suspect, how Blizzard retains the majority of their players.  It has, however, served to re-expose me to the way MMOs used to work, particularly the skillbars (or ‘hotbars’ are they’re sometimes called), and this has been a rather harsh realization after playing more modern offerings.

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On History and Roleplaying

One of my many gaming hobbies is that grand old tradition – the tabletop roleplaying game.  While it may not possess the slick graphics and action-packed combat of Skyrim or The Witcher (I was going to say New Vegas, but the rather silly way that game engine handles its real-time gunfights is actually remarkably like playing a tabletop game), the tabletop RPG is still possessed of drama, rich worlds and tense situations – providing you have the right GM running things, and a decent chemistry between the players.

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