I’m on a Templar kick.

by northernbeholder

I really want to delve more into the downfall of the Templars.  There’s a lot of detail I left out of the first series, because it was more about Philip IV’s machinations, and it’s all fascinating.  I’m working on a follow-up right now that’s going to go deeper into the sorts of scurrilous rumours surrounding the Templars towards the end of the order’s existence and the details of their fall – the arrests, the torture and interrogation, and the trials.  Some of it’s gruesome, but then, history often is. Humanity is capable of great cruelty when inspired to it.  The fact that we’re still here speaks much to our capability to overcome our worst nature.

Anyway. More Templar stuff. Gotta go get the notes in order. It’s gonna be a wild ride.