Our Story in 1 Minute

by northernbeholder

Our Story in 1 Minute is a beautifully composited short of the history of the planet, to the best of our knowledge, from big bang to present day.  It’s a stark reminder that even though human history can seem long and sweeping, our recorded history is but a fraction of the time our species has been around, our species has been around for a fraction of the time this planet has, and this planet has been here for only a blink of an eye in interstellar reckoning.  And yet in such a short time, we have accomplished so much, built so much, destroyed so much.

Imagine what our descendants will think, another thousand years from now.  Imagine what we might have accomplished.  I may study only a fraction of the past, but myself and others like me do our best to preserve that knowledge, so that those who come after us know where they came from.