Easier Said than Done: The Ascalonian Catacombs, IV

by northernbeholder

Welcome to the final part of this guide to the Ascalonian Catacombs explorable mode, and say hello to Nymera Frostpaw, a level 80 Charr thief.  She’s joining us for this final leg as Orbixitron was sadly unable to make it; the rest of the team remains the same. Nymera is the thief who inspired that tip on stealthily retrieving the scepter pieces in Hodgins’ path.

So! Tzark’s leg of the dungeon. There’s much fire and furor over this particular leg on both the offical GW2 forums and the internet at large.  Let’s find out why!

As with the other two paths, Tzark’s mission takes you through the spider, some traps and Lieutenant Kholer again.  Please refer back to Part II of this guide for tips on those encounters, if for some reason they haven’t already seared themselves into your memories and nightmares.  The first unique event for Tzark takes place in the Lovers’ chambers!

Oh no, not the Lovers! Not again! I’m having flashbacks, I can’t-

No, no, you don’t have to fight those terrible mesmers again.  This event is actually very similar to the first part of Hodgins’ path.  Tzark is going to set up two crystals to siphon magical energy from the Lovers’ coffins, and you need to protect them from gravelings that spawn out of burrows.

That’s one of the two crystals you have to protect. One is on the north side, one on the south. Unlike Hodgins, they will regenerate their health when not under attack, which is a welcome relief.

The burrows won’t be marked on your map this time, but it’s still a good idea to have a team destroy them as quickly as possible so they don’t spawn too many gravelings at once – remember that melee hit detection on the burrows is buggy, and you need to strafe back and forth on top of them while attacking to actually land hits.  The others should concentrate on distracting and taking out any gravelings that get too near to the crystals. If one of the crystals goes down, that’s alright – so long as one survives, you can win, it just makes the progress tick up more slowly.  Once the magical residue has reached 100%, the event concludes successfully and you all turn into ghooooosts!

Hey, that’s neat.  Now some Ascalonian wants us to help him?

A nice change of pace from constantly trying to murder you, isn’t it? This part is actually quite easy; a few Ascalonian ghosts appear to help out, and the gravelings tend to stick around their burrows rather than rush you all at once.  There are four burrows to destroy, and once you’ve done so, a new passage opens up elsewhere. Back to the tunnels with you!

Wait, this seems familiar.

The route to Colossus Rumblus is the more or less the same as that to the Ghost King, and he’ll appear in the same area with the same adds.

Remember to take out the wandering Breeders before fighting Colossus Rumblus. You really, really don’t want to have them joining in mid-fight.

Colossus Rumblus is the most difficult end-boss of the three that the Ascalonian Catacombs’ explorable mode offers.  He steals the burrowing charge of the Ghost Eater, has an upgraded version of the pounce+maul attack the Scavengers use, has a similar howl attack to the Howling King (except with a much wider cone of effect – make sure you are behind him when he fires it off) and, uniquely, can cause earthquakes which make chunks of the cavern roof fall in – this attack can last up to 30 seconds, though you can interrupt it if defiance isn’t activated.  Areas where rocks fall will gain a red AoE ring and give you about a second of grace to dodge. If you’re hit it does a good chunk of damage and will knock you down.  Note that, when causing the rockfall, the boss stands still and makes no other attacks, so it’s a great time to drop some AoEs on him as he’ll just sit in them soaking up the damage.

Something we encountered when doing this fight was that Colossus Rumblus regenerated all of his health when we had him down to about 25%.  It did not come with any sort of animation or indication that he had self-buffed, so it’s possible that the game bugged out and considered him to be out of combat and allowed to reset, despite the fact that we were still fighting him.  We may also have accidentally let the battle wander slightly too far away from his original patrol area and he automatically de-aggro’d and returned, regenerating health along the way. Either way, when we wore him back down a second time, his HP did not recover. It’s possible for the fight to take much longer than you think it will if this is a regular occurrence, so be aware.

Once the boss is down, that’s it – success!  You’ve now completed every leg of the Ascalonian Catacombs’ explorable mode!  If you actually want any of the unique gear, you’ll have to repeat them and get more tokens. Don’t grind too much, as you only get the maximum reward for each leg once per day.

And before I forget – congratulations!

Now who’s up for Caduceus’ Manor?