Political Masterclass: Constantine and Christianity, V

by northernbeholder

Whew.  Oddly, turning an academic paper into something approaching readable ended up being a lot more work than just crafting a series specifically for the blog, as I did with Underappreciated Empire.  There’s just so much assumed knowledge associated with a formal paper that needs to be expanded on and explained for anyone that’s not a historian by trade, as well as loosening up the general tone.

Still, valuable experience.  The Political Masterclass series will continue in the future with Alexander the Great, but there’ll be some gaming news between now and then. Gotta pretend this isn’t just a history blog, after all.

Now, as I drew on one of my own papers for Constantine and Christianity, a lot of the sources are from published academic journals that you need either faculty/student or paid access to see for yourself (not to mention the dry nature of their content).  However, I did use two actual books.  For those interested in the tensions between the pagan and Christian religious adherents during the late Roman period, I recommend Pagan & Christian in an Age of Anxiety, by E.R. Dodds.  For a larger historical overview, including Constantine’s military campaigns, I suggest A History of the Later Roman Empire by Stephen Mitchell.  As always, be aware of potential bias when reading from older sources – no scholar is truly immune.  Except me, I’m always right.

Hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see you on Wednesday!